Bare-Metal Servers in a Cloud-Like setting and specialized for Gaming

Easily deploy high-performance compute, in a cloud native manner but without shared ressources on bare metal with low-latency and DDoS protection worldwide!

18 years of experience in hosting hundreds of games put together in an awesome tool

We know how to scale up thousands of systems

GPCORE was designed for those who should ultimately operate, monitor and manage the servers. An environment specifically for DevOps, where an API in common language and SDKs should automate the operations of a few to thousands of systems. However, our easy-to-use interface will help those who simply want to operate and manage their servers via a graphical interface.

10+ locations with Low-Latency

London, Germany, Moscow, Taipei, Sydney, Tokyo, New York City, Washington D.C., St. Louis, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Barcelona, Johannesburg, and many more for a global coverage, all self-operated including our own global network gurantee the best latency and game experience.

High-Speed Provisioning

Provision all common OS through our API or Panel within 10 Minutes or less. Additionally customized post Install routines can be deployed individually. (Terraform Support included)

Cloud Native Bare Metal

All the benefits Cloud provides, like ACL’s, fast provisioning, on demand utilization and hourly rates are included within our product. But with the benefits of not sharing ressources with unknown 3rd parties.

Designed for DevOps

Our System was build to please DevOps in the first place. API first driven development, with Python and Go developed SDKs. Terraform support and much more to make your daily work way easier and faster.

Handle multiple projects

With our system you can set up multiple projects within one account, share it with colleagues and groups, and grant them different levels of access. In addition, you can mark systems with endless values in order to obtain a differentiated view and automation, even across projects

Awesome SDK

The entire product was design in an API first approach. That also includes SDK in different languages to be utilized for your own environment. (Python and Go)

unmatched flexibility and fastest deployment on earth

Setup a compute node in less than 3 minutes

Step 1
Register with GPCORE
Step 2
Add a Payment method
Step 3
Create a Project
Step 4
Add compute node
Lessons learned, now see how we can help you with our experience

Case studies

Conan Exiles

We have been accompanying Funcom with Conan Exiles since the beginning of 2017. Just like Funcom, we have grown to meet this challenge. We host over 30,000 single game servers worldwide on PC, Xbox and PS4 in just for Conan Exiles across 14 countries. In a market that is constantly changing, we have developed various new features together with Funcom in the past 5 years since the launch of Conan Exiles in order to be able to optimally cover the provision and customer requirements. All development is available to customers in GPCORE at any time.


We implemented the game in less than 4 hours including branch setup, cmdLine, all available settings and values into our systems. We planned to have somewhat of 20 dedicated Servers for roughly 2.000 CCU available across the globe. After two weeks we had over 56.000 single Servers spawned for 500.000 CCU. Valheim was indeed a great challenge which we overcame together with Iron Gate AB and Coffeestain. Read more about our journey at this Article

We know gaming

Here are some figures we would like to share with you


14 Worldwide

Bare-Metal systems


Average CCUs


Actions always speaks volumes

With our premium support you get a direct chat channel with our 2nd and 3rd level support. Not only do we offer 24x7 presence, we also take care of your systems and we are on hand to advise you so that your game is guaranteed to be a success.

API Documentation

Full API documentation can be found here


We are there for you 24/7!